Access post online


The ability to access post online, or the forwarding of physical mail via a dedicated accommodation address, provides convenience and privacy.

To use our client-focussed service, all you have to do is:

  1. Select and pay for a mail scanning service that you require;
  2. Prepay a deposit for additional services that you need (eg scans above your chosen allowance, physical mail forwarding);
  3. Allow us to verify your ID and address.

We are primarily dedicated to the scanning, and making available of, your post online. However, if you require just physical mail forwarding rather than a scanning service, simply choose a low-cost scanning service (to reflect our set up costs) such as SCAN-LITE and advise us accordingly.

Scanning of mail

We receive letter-post mail for clients, scan* it and make it available at a password-secured location online. You then view and download your post as required. Unless we have forwarded your mail to you, we keep your physical letter-post for 28 days, so you can request a re-scan within this period – it is then securely destroyed.

Physical forwarding of mail

Besides the above, we can also physically forward your post, up to the size of a small parcel (45cm x 35cm x 16cm, maximum mass 2kg), to an address that you specify. The cost of this is:

  • If sent by Royal Mail – the Royal Mail postage charge plus £1.50 plus any additional packaging material. VAT is charged on the total amount.
  • If sent by courier – the courier charge plus £10 plus any additional packaging material. VAT is charged on the total amount.

Charges are deducted from the prepayment deposit made by you.

We do not scan items such as periodicals, magazines, and packages. These are forwarded to you,  returned to sender or disposed of securely.

We neither store your payment details nor rely on direct debit or continuous payment authority card payments for our ongoing service. [select-faq faq_id=’425′]

Who benefits from being able to access post online?

Our access post online service is for organisations and/or individuals that require a physical address through which we make their letter-post available online or via which we physically forward it to them wherever they are.

Examples of clients include:

  • Individuals

    • Officers of organisations who require a service address to receive mail such that the privacy of their residential address is maintained.
    • Individuals living in shared accommodation (eg students, family members) who wish to maintain the privacy of some or all of their post.
    • Individuals absent from their property (eg expatriates, absentee landlords, travelling business people)
  • Organisations

    • Organisations domiciled in Scotland that require a registered or principal office address.
    • Small- and medium-sized organisations that require an address for the receipt of all or selected items of their post.

In short, My-Mail.Online is for individuals or organisations that require privacy and remote access to their post.

* – each side of correspondence equates to one scan. We make scanned documents available in pdf document format, though jpeg format is available should you so wish. To view pdf documents you may require pdf reader software or an approved extension for the browser you use to access the Internet.