Frequently asked questions

We will need to establish:

  • The identity of the company or other legal structure – please see requirements by clicking here;
  • The identity of relevant officers of the organisation (requirements as in the UK Government’s guidance).

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We will likely need to confirm:

  • Whom you say you are; and,
  • Your residential address

Clear copies of two items of documentation listed at the UK Government’s Proof of Identity checklist will usually be required to be uploaded or physically sent to us.

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At the commencement of our service, you will have either paid online using a card or have sent us payment directly to our bank account.

To continue a service, we shall send you a reminder six days prior to your subscription ending. Please ensure you action payment so that we obtain cleared funds within five days of this email to ensure uninterrupted service provision.

Additional Services that we have provided to you will be invoiced as they occur and deducted from the deposit that you have paid for these services. You will be sent a reminder to replenish your deposit to maintain continuity of our Additional Services to you.

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All received mail is opened in a secure environment. Mail items are opened and processed under CCTV observation.

Following processing, items are stored in a locked environment for 28 days after which:

  • Unless storage or forwarding is agreed with you, letter-post is cross-shredded and sent for secure recycling; and,
  • Packages are either forwarded to you (prices as summarised here) or returned to sender.

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Your content is given bank-level encryption in transit and at rest. Only the people we invite can access your data, namely ourselves (we have to be able to put it in, and maintain, your folder) and parties authorised by you.

You set your own password for access, to which we have no access. We recommend that you choose a robust password.

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Selection, and regular changing, of a strong password is key to enhancing the security and confidentiality of your data. Click here for further information.

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We will allocate a unique identifier (4 or 5 digits, in the form xxxx) so that we can identify mail that is sent to you. If your name is “Jane Doe”, the address would look like this:

Jane Doe
Suite xxxx
Campbell House LG4, The Crichton
Bankend Road
United Kingdom

We shall agree with you whether you would like to preface your unique identifier with Suite, Apartment or Box.

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We realise that you are not responsible for all the items that you may receive in the post. However, we are obliged to take action when certain items are received – for example, but not restricted to:

A list of items that are prohibited and restricted within the UK is provided on the British Post Office website.

A further list of what cannot be, or has restrictions on being, sent from the UK is provided here.

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In becoming a Client of ours, you agree that:

  • You must not use the My-Mail.Online service to conceal your true, trading or residential as relevant, address from creditors requiring payment.
  • We will immediately terminate your account if you bring our address into disrepute for any reason, without notice.
  • We shall be the sole arbiter of what event may bring our address reasonably into disrepute. Such events include but are not limited to: adverse publicity; notice of a decree or judgment seeking recovery of a debt or other sum due received at our address; visits by debt collectors or bailiffs; notices that your company is to be struck off; or, receipt of dunning correspondence.

In the event of termination by us due to your bringing our address into disrepute, no refund shall be due in respect of any payment made to us and any amounts remaining due to us shall become immediately payable.

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