Registered office service

All companies registered in Scotland are legally required to have a registered office address there. Companies House, HMRC and other official bodies will send notices, letters, and reminders to this address. The registered office address can be anywhere in Scotland. To avoid potential fines and penalties, it is important that all correspondence sent to this address is dealt with promptly. If you choose, with our agreement, to use our address for this purpose, it will be filed at Companies House as your company’s registered office address.

For companies, limited liability partnerships and limited partnerships registered in Scotland, we, as part of a mail processing service, provide a registered office address for no additional charge. Such limited bodies are, however, also required to maintain certain current, statutory registers:

  1. On the public register at Companies House;
  2. At their registered office; or,
  3. At a single alternative inspection address.

If using our registered office service, clients must elect to maintain their statutory registers at alternatives 1. or 3. above.

As a company’s registered office is available for public viewing over the internet (free of charge), this may lead to your address being targeted for junk mail. We will filter this out for you.

By using our address as a director’s service address, she or he can also retain personal address privacy. Up to three directors can take advantage of this being named parties, along with the limited company, on one mail forwarding subscription.

Please note that if you wish to use this registered office address service:

  • You will neither claim nor infer that our address is a trading or the principal place of business of that organisation;
  • You agree that if we receive post that we consider could bring our address into disrepute, we may at our sole discretion:
    • Change the registered address of the limited company to the one supplied to us as your main contact address
    • Return post items to sender

Items that could bring our address into disrepute include, but are not limited to, correspondence from Companies House indicating that the limited company is to be struck off (eg form DS01), notice of striking off/dissolution, or other correspondence from HM Revenue & Customs or Companies House advising of overdue returns.