Ordering your My-Mail.Online subscription is a simple process.

There is inevitably and correctly some bureaucracy to be complied with after paying for, but before, setting up the service. We must conform to Know Your Customer requirements to confirm your identity.

We will need to establish:

  • The identity of the company or other legal structure – please see requirements by clicking here;
  • The identity of relevant officers of the organisation (requirements as in the UK Government’s guidance).

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We will likely need to confirm:

  • Whom you say you are; and,
  • Your residential address

Clear copies of two items of documentation listed at the UK Government’s Proof of Identity checklist will usually be required to be uploaded or physically sent to us.

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Also, as part of the purchasing process, we will require your agreement to our terms and conditions of service.

Save for mailing costs, all costs include VAT (current rate = 20%)

Inclusive maximum no. of scans per month 5 50 200 500

Acceptable payment methods are:

  • BACS transfer/Faster Payment or international transfer (please ensure all fees are paid by you) to our bank account; or
  • Debit/credit card (we do not handle your card details).