Physical forwarding of items

Physical forwarding of received mail items can easily be arranged on an ad hoc or ongoing basis.

We forward mail items and small packages up to 1kg total mass that are occasionally received to an address, be that within the UK or elsewhere, nominated by the client. The current charge for each item forwarded is:

  • The cost of onward postage or courier service;
  • For an item sent to you by Royal Mail we apply a handling fee equivalent to the cost of postage (capped at £1.50), or for an item sent by courier a handling fee of £10 applies.
  • Where items are bundled together to be dispatched together, an additional charge of £1.00 is made for eah additional item.
  • Any required extra packaging costs; and,
  • Where applicable VAT is added to the total amount.

Please note in respect of all items received, whether to be scanned or for physical forwarding, the following applies:

  • We open all items received. This is done to fulfill our primary service of scanning the contents and making these available to clients securely online. Also, in acting as your agent to receive and process mailed items, we are obliged to ensure that we are not being accidentally or deliberately used to handle items that are forbidden for transmission by the postal service.
  • We will handle items, subject to them:
    • Not being forbidden for transmission by the postal service as above;
    • When above certain values, being quarantined whilst we undertake any investigation to comply with anti-money laundering and other relevant legislation.