Enhanced service

We developed our enhanced service for clients who wanted greater levels of privacy.

Reasons for more privacy are many, but might include:

  • Not wanting family members, those sharing accommodation, or co-workers to be aware of subscription to service
  • Living in an environment where your correspondence is sensitive, this could be for political, governmental or personal reasons. Kindly note that our restrictions on what is prohibited or could bring our name into disrepute apply to all our services. If you have a question, please contact us.

We realise that you are not responsible for all the items that you may receive in the post. However, we are obliged to take action when certain items are received – for example, but not restricted to:

A list of items that are prohibited and restricted within the UK is provided on the British Post Office website.

A further list of what cannot be, or has restrictions on being, sent from the UK is provided here.

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In becoming a Client of ours, you agree that:

  • You must not use the My-Mail.Online service to conceal your true, trading or residential as relevant, address from creditors requiring payment.
  • We will immediately terminate your account if you bring our address into disrepute for any reason, without notice.
  • We shall be the sole arbiter of what event may bring our address reasonably into disrepute. Such events include but are not limited to: adverse publicity; notice of a decree or judgment seeking recovery of a debt or other sum due received at our address; visits by debt collectors or bailiffs; notices that your company is to be struck off; or, receipt of dunning correspondence.

In the event of termination by us due to your bringing our address into disrepute, no refund shall be due in respect of any payment made to us and any amounts remaining due to us shall become immediately payable.

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To achieve this, we:

  • Accept payment in Bitcoin, though payment via other means is welcome
  • Keep direct communication with the client to a minimum:
    • Initially we will correspond via e-mail regarding the set up of your on-line folder in which scanned correspondence addressed to your dedicated address can be viewed
    • Thereafter e-mails are kept to a minimum:
      • We will only reply to e-mails that you send to us from the e-mail address you use to access your on-line folder.
      • If we need to correspond with you, we will place correspondence from us in your on-line folder– this will include reminders when your subscriptions is due to run out (7 days’ notice is given) or reminders when your deposit is due to run out and our scanning of correspondence is therefore about to be suspended pending a deposit top-up. Also, if any packages arrive for you, we will notify you in this way and await your instructions. Correspondence from us will be prefixed FROMSCS and invoices are prefixed INV.
      • We will not notify you of any correspondence uploaded to your on-line folder. It is your responsibility to check the folder regularly for any newly uploaded correspondence.

As with our standard service,

  • Correspondence is kept for 28 days and then securely destroyed
  • Items can be forwarded to you at an address you specify (costs as per standard service)

Please consider which of the following levels of service the most appropriate for your requirements before proceeding to the product page:

Save for costs in italics below, all costs include VAT (current rate = 20%)



Inclusive maximum no. of scans per month


12-month cost


6-month cost


1-month cost


Extra scans


Letter & package forwarding/cost per forwarded item

(Packages up to Royal Mail Small Parcel size)

Royal Mail cost plus £1.50 plus additional packaging costs

Courier costs plus £10 plus additional packaging costs

Each service must have a first-named recipient (an individual or an organisation) and up to three other parties (ie up to 3 other individuals). Thus, for example, a company could be the first-named recipient, with three directors being the three other parties. Where parties require their privacy to be maintained regarding the availability of scanned mail made available online, they should set up individual subscriptions. All parties to a common subscription will have equal access to uploaded correspondence.

In acting as your attorney for the purpose of the receipt, handling, and processing of post, we will:

  • Open all letters and packages.
  • Identify and destroy junk mail.

Not scan magazines, periodicals, marketing literature etc and return them to the sender if possible. If we cannot identify the sender, these item(s) will be destroyed unless we have a prior agreement for Mail Forwarding with you, when we can arrange for such items to be physically forwarded.