What if I bring the My-Mail.Online address into disrepute?

In becoming a Client of ours, you agree that:

  • You must not use the My-Mail.Online service to conceal your true, trading or residential as relevant, address from creditors requiring payment.
  • We will immediately terminate your account if you bring our address into disrepute for any reason, without notice.
  • We shall be the sole arbiter of what event may bring our address reasonably into disrepute. Such events include but are not limited to: adverse publicity; notice of a decree or judgment seeking recovery of a debt or other sum due received at our address; visits by debt collectors or bailiffs; notices that your company is to be struck off; or, receipt of dunning correspondence.

In the event of termination by us due to your bringing our address into disrepute, no refund shall be due in respect of any payment made to us and any amounts remaining due to us shall become immediately payable.

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